As a company, we are focused on being a good steward of the Earth. By following sustainable practices and taking measures to increase the quality of our soil, we can leave the Earth a better place for future generations.

We only use sustainable farming techniques that actually build and add nutrients. At Red Fox Organics, we use minimal tillage practices that do not disturb the ecosystem beneath our feet. In the winter, we utilize cover crops to prevent soil erosion and add nutrients back into the soil in the spring.

At Red Fox Organics, we grow all of your favorite household vegetables in our fields, keeping them safe from pesticides and making them even more delicious than before. Tomatoes, peppers, green beans, salad greens, beets, and more – we’re here to make healthy eating as simple as can be.

We also offer a large variety of Heirloom fruit, vegetable, and herb seeds.


Each year our farm goes through the extensive process of becoming USDA certified organic which includes proper documentation and an on-site inspection each year.

Our USDA Organic Endorsement is hard proof that we have been inspected by a government entity and have met all required criteria. As well as our USDA certification we are also a Certified Veteran owned business which also required a 3rd party verification. We also have a local food safety certification to work in the kitchen. (Servsafe level 2). In addition to the certifications, we are inspected by two entities; the Ohio Department of Agriculture, and an organic certifying official for our pickling process.

Michael Williams

Growing up, my father has always had a garden – he loved growing plants and being in nature. That in turn rubbed off on me as I was always either playing outside or helping him in the garden. But when I was a kid, I was more interested in becoming a ninja, rodeo clown or pro bull rider.

From 2008-2011, I served as an Infantry soldier (Grenadier) and team leader the U.S. Army, including one tour in Iraq in 2009 and a deployment to the border of North and South Korea. I was awarded a total of eight military medals and retired in 2011 having achieved the final rank of Specialist E-4.

After studying Horticulture at The Ohio State University, I started Red Fox Organics in 2015 with the help of my business partner (and uncle) Billy Watterson. Honestly, I had no idea what I wanted to be until I started this farm. I did know that I wanted to give back to the community and the environment and help as many people as possible. And by providing quality healthy products that will improve people’s quality of life, I feel like I am able to do exactly that.