Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit

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Heirloom seed variety pack, 35 Fruit and Vegetable seed varieties, and over 15,000 seeds

All the seeds you need to start your garden. Seed kits are good for 3 – 5 years if kept in a cool, dark, dry place. Seed kits can last 10+ years if frozen.

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Love to grow different types of fruits and vegetables in your home garden?

Red Fox Organics presents the heirloom seed kit with over 15,000 seeds of 35 varieties.

Premium Quality: The non-GMO and non-hybrid natural seeds are grown under natural conditions and packed following high standards to provide you with long lasting and high-quality seed.

Pocket-Friendly: The value pack consists of over 10,000 plant seeds from 35 fruit and vegetable varieties that purchased separately will cost you much more.

Perfect Gardening Gift: These fruit and vegetable seeds are ideal for indoor or outdoor gardens and an excellent gift that you can present to a gardening enthusiast.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Love this Heirloom seed kit or we’ll buy it back from you, no questions asked! Add to your cart to order today and get ready to have a colorful garden full of nutritious produce!

Great as a gift for Home Gardeners, vegetable farmers, survivalist, Bug Out Bags, preppers, or off the grid living. These seeds are good for 3 - 5+ years if kept cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. The entire seed kit can be frozen and will extend the life 10+ years

(Due to popular demand all seed kits will be hermetically sealed)

Seed kit includes:

Arugula - "Rocket"

Artichoke - "Green Globe"

Asparagus - "Mary Washington"

Green Beans - "contender"

Beets - "Detroit Dark Red"

Broccoli - "Calabrese"

Brussels sprouts - "Long Island Improved"

Cabbage - "Charleston Wakefield"

Carrots - "Little Finger"

Cauliflower - "Snowball Y Improved"

Celery - "Tall Utah"

Collard greens - "Georgia Southern"

Cucumbers - "marketer"

Eggplant - "Long Purple"

Kale - "Blue Curled Scotch"

Kohlrabi - "Purple Vienna"

Lettuce - "Bibb"

Lettuce - "Bronze Mignonette"

Lima beans - "Early Thorogreen"

Honeydew melon - "Hale's Best Jumbo"

Cantaloupe - "Honeydew Green"

Okra - "Clemson Spineless 80"

Red onion - "Red Burgundy"

Yellow onion - "Yellow Sweet Spanish"

Peas - "Green Arrow"

Sweet peppers - "California Wonder"

Radish - "Cherry Belle"

Rutabaga - "American Purple Top"

Spinach - "Bloomsdale Long Standing"

Green summer squash - "Black Beauty"

Yellow summer squash - "Golden Crookneck"

Beefsteak tomatoes - "Marglobe"

Red cherry tomatoes - "Red Cherry Large"

Turnips - "Purple Top White Globe"

Watermelons - "Congo"

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16 reviews for Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit

  1. Daniel

    Thank you! Love it! Always a real pleasure!

  2. Sandra

    Super happy, great deal, I wish I found you last year. Amazing great purchase.

  3. Sonny

    Excellent product, highly recommended

  4. DB

    Love them, ordered 3 and gave 2 away to some friends who also garden.

  5. Kyle

    Fast shipping. Product as described. Thank you!

  6. Amy

    Love It!!!

  7. The French Farmhouse (verified owner)

    Wonderful Seller. Extremely fast shipping & great packaging. I searched & searched….this vegetable kit has the very best variety of heirloom seeds I could find anywhere online. I cannot wait to plant my new garden! Thanks so much.
    -The French Farmhouse

  8. Hannah (verified owner)

    Such a great selection for the price! Everything I was looking for in a gift for an avid gardener!

  9. James Thompson (verified owner)

    Nice looking package and super fast shipping. Now to see if I can grow something! Thanks!

  10. Raymond (verified owner)

    Easy instructions. Lots of seeds!

  11. Rachel (verified owner)

    I received my seed kit quickly. I purchased it for my emergency supplies kit. I am satisfied with my experience.

  12. Stacy (verified owner)

    Great seed kit! Thanks for the prompt shipping!

  13. Anthony (verified owner)

    Really happy with this purchase. Fast delivery.

  14. Mr. Patrick (verified owner)

    Neat pack of seeds. Very happy.

  15. Duke (verified owner)

    FAST shipping!! Great deal, thanks!

  16. Madison (verified owner)

    I bought this for my dad and he loves it!

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This seed kit is an excellent deal on all Non-GMO and Heirloom seeds. If these seed packets were to be sold individually it would cost over $80.00!

Great as a gift for Home Gardeners, vegetable farmers, Off the Grid living, Prepper’s, Bug Out Bags, or Survivalists.

The seeds in this Kit are viable for 3-5 years if they are kept cool, out of direct sunlight, and dry. The entire kit can be put into the freezer for an extended life, and can be hermetically sealed upon request.

Your Heirloom Seed Kit will be mailed the same day of purchase Monday-Saturday if order is placed before 12:30 EST.


Seed kit includes:

Arugula – “Rocket”
Artichoke – “Green Globe”
Asparagus – “Mary Washington”
Green Beans – “contender”
Beets – “Detroit Dark Red”
Broccoli – “Calabrese”
Brussels sprouts – “Long Island Improved”
Cabbage – “Charleston Wakefield”
Carrots – “Little Finger”
Cauliflower – “Snowball Y Improved”
Celery – “Tall Utah”
Collard greens – “Georgia Southern”
Cucumbers – “marketer”
Eggplant – “Long Purple”
Kale – “Blue Curled Scotch”
Kohlrabi – “Purple Vienna”
Lettuce – “Bibb”
Lettuce – “Bronze Mignonette”
Lima beans – “Early Thorogreen”
Honeydew melon – “Hale’s Best Jumbo”
Cantaloupe – “Honeydew Green”
Okra – “Clemson Spineless 80”
Red onion – “Red Burgundy”
Yellow onion – “Yellow Sweet Spanish”
Peas – “Green Arrow”
Sweet peppers – “California Wonder”
Radish – “Cherry Belle”
Rutabaga – “American Purple Top”
Spinach – “Bloomsdale Long Standing”
Green summer squash – “Black Beauty”
Yellow summer squash – “Golden Crookneck”
Beefsteak tomatoes – “Marglobe”
Red cherry tomatoes – “Red Cherry Large”
Turnips – “Purple Top White Globe”
Watermelons – “Congo”